Raffles Institution (Singapur)

Seit 2014 findet regelmäßig ein Austausch mit der Raffles Institution in Singapur statt. Desweiteren nimmt das Dillmann-Gymnasium mit seiner Partnerschule auch an verschiedenen Konferenzen teil.

Reise- und Erlebnisberichte


Matteo Wenner äußert sich in einer Rede zu dem Austauschprogramm

While we are sitting in the restaurant to eat together, I just want to take the opportunity to summarize the events so far. The exchange is an amazing experience for all because some get the chance to experience the German culture and country. Others will get to know the Singaporean culture. In the name of the whole group I can say, that we all enjoy this exchange. As a result, we all will miss our new friends and count the days until our reunion in Singapore.

I want to use the time to revive the wonderful last two weeks. On Monday, the 30th May, our guests arrived in Stuttgart. During the first two hours of school we became more and more nervous.  Finally, the moment had come and we met our exchange students. Everyone fortunately recognized their Singaporean friend and immediately started a conversation. On the first day we showed them the school, met our principal Mr. Birk and got to know the group better. To conclude, it was a day full of joy. On Tuesday we took the exchange students with us to school and met in the evening in order to go bowling. The third day of the exchange program was made up of two school lessons, a welcome at the city hall and a guided tour on the construction project for the new main station. The following day consisted of a city tour, a visit to the Mercedes Benz-museum and a classical concert. On Friday we left town and travelled to Tübingen by train. The day started with a guided tour around the French quarter of Tübingen. We ate at a so-called “Biergarten”. After relaxing in the Biergarten due to the heavy rain we started the city tour. The German students especially participated in this tour as we gave each a speech on a tourist attraction or the town.

During the weekend the German families spent the two days with the Singaporean exchange student except on Sunday evening where we came together for a barbecue. 

The morning and midday of the following days included an internship at different companies.  On Monday we had a beautiful view on Stuttgart as we went to the television tower. Yesterday we went to the Planetarium. To conclude my speech, I say, that it was a wonderful experience. Hence, we are really looking forward to meeting our new friends in Singapore, next year.

And since I am talking about our stay in Singapore next year, I want to thank the Dillmann-Stiftung for bearing a part of the expenses. For us it is a wonderful experience to take part in an international exchange as well as becoming acquainted with the Singaporean culture. Thank you very much, Mr. Limbach.

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Weitere Informationen zu unserer Partnerschule in Singapur finden Sie hier.


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